Advanced Open Water Diver Course - Star 2

All You Need To Know About Advanced Open Water 2-Stars Diving Course

Advanced Open Water Diver Course - Star 2

The Advanced Adventure (2 stars) course is designed to make the diver more professional by exposing him to what we like to call "Adventure Dives". After the Open Water course, we learned to dive, we will learn about diving styles in the course of Advanced Adventure because diving does not end with depth, It is time to recognize that there is so much to explore and learn.

Have you ever imagined what it is like to dive at night? See the creatures that go out at night, the corals open their tentacles in a variety of colors or perhaps the quiet of the night .. Shipwreck! Not in the story or in the film, but really! Seeing a shipwreck underwater is a transcendent and historic moment, every ship or plane and its own unique story. Being 30 feet underwater, does that make sense at all? It is incomprehensible. You have the right to see life 30 meters below water! These moments of silence, nature, and mystery .. Pleasure! Of course, there is more you will discover for yourselves!

In this clarity, the Advanced Adventure course will expand the knowledge on the subjects learned in the Open Water course and will also present topics that will be new to the participants. It is important to note that an Advanced Adventure diver may dive to a depth of 30 meters (up to age 15 limit to 21 meters).
The Advanced Adventure course consists of six theme dives, each dive being the first dive from a variety of specialties.

This dives in the Advanced Adventure course will teach you how to plan, taking into account all the variables that apply to our 30-meter dive. Diving is a fun hobby but it has dangers. The deeper we go, the more we move away from our natural, dry land. In-depth dive, we will consider all the risk factors and know how to deal with them so that your deep dive will not only be safe but also enjoyable and relaxing. Being "deep" is always important.
A life-supporting dive - in which we will perform exercises that summarize Advanced Adventure course. This is a mandatory dive of the Israel Diving Authority. In addition to the last exercises, you will do within the framework of a course (at least until you come to do specialization courses), this is an exciting and complex dive. After the exercises we dive in shallow depth and enjoyed the last time as a group in the course, the beauty of the reef, the quiet of the water and the feeling of power and new melody in the heart - I know and love to dive !!!

In addition to the core subjects, the students will be exposed to a variety of topics that they can specialize in when the time comes (for later on): night diving, ocean circulation (ecology and environmental processes), shipwrecks, The aim of these subjects is to improve his skill and enable the diver to expand his range of activities so that he can experience special sounds that will enrich his experiences

After the completion of the Advanced Adventure course, you will be able to complete each of the specialties that we performed during the course of Advanced Adventure by completing the remaining dives from that specialties and obtaining a certified diving certificate from the required specialties.
We offer this option to any diver who wants it, plus payment.

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

Course structure:

~ One theory lesson and a final exam.
~ 6 open water dives.

Course duration:

Two days.


~ Open Water Diver (1 star).
~ Age 12 (up to age 15 limit to 21 meters).
~ A healthy state of health (to fulfill a health statement before you arrive at the course).

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