Open Water Diver Course: 1 Star

All You Need To Know About 1-Star Diving Course

Open Water Diver Course: 1 Star

Did you know that more than 70% of the earth is covered with water? There are those who call our planet the "blue planet" because if you'll look at it from outside the atmosphere, you'll see it as blue - the water world.

Today mankind has more to tell about the moon than about the bottom of the ocean. so far only 5% of the sea ground has been mapped. A whole world that provides us with rich nature, adventures, mysteries, treasures and endless peace. Although the sea is not the natural place for us to be, having our first heartbeats in the womb happened while being surrounded by water, which leads us to create a deep emotional connection to the sea and water. Now add all these elements together and you found yourself a world full of goodness. Welcome to the open water diver course, enjoy and good luck!

Open Water Diver course is a 5 days course in which the students will gradually move through 3 stages: diving theory, Confined water diving, and Open water diving. At the end of the course, after all the necessary conditions have been met, the students will receive an international license, allowing them to dive to a depth of 18 meters.

It is important to understand that the open water course requires a willingness to learn and an open mind in order to adapt to the new environment. Taking the sea for granted will make things difficult and frustrating. If we devote ourselves to it and learn how to deal with it, the ocean will give us twice as much. Open water course is done once - it is important to learn to dive in the right, safest and most professional way.

During the Open Water course, the students will learn the diving theory using a variety of tools: books, presentations, and lessons. The theoretical subjects will discuss all the theory of diving, which will help the student achieve a complete and comprehensive understanding of the principles for ensuring safe and enjoyable diving. Theory will include safety rules, physics, and physiology of diving, dealing with possible risks, the uniqueness of the underwater environment, how to plan your dive, preservation of nature and sea and more.

In the practical section, we will learn how to set up and test the diving gear. We will have two dives every day, while the dives in the first two days will be performed in a Confined water environment. Now, finally, you will start to feel the water. This part of the open water course will give the students the basic skills of the dive by getting used to the sea and its variables, diving exercises and solving common problems under water, and of course we will start enjoying the underwater world.

The next step is the Open Water lessons: At this stage we will apply the skills that were practiced in the confined water classes in the open sea in the coral reserve in Eilat, and gradually and safely we will slowly ascend every day until the fifth day, when we reach a depth of 18 meters, with a big smile and an open water certification of SDI.

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

Course structure:
~ 5 theory lessons and a final exam
~ 3 confined water dives
~ 6 open water dives

Course duration:
~ 5 days

~ Minimum age of 12
~ A healthy state of health (a health statement must be signed before arriving to the course).
~ After finishing the open water course it is possible to continue directly to the Advanced Adventure course.

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