Dive Master course

Dive Master course

Dive Master course

The Dive Master Course is a course in the acquisition and development of knowledge to the level of training and demonstration for a diving leader. This certification is intended for those who wish to proceed to instruct and to show others their love for the sea.  By completing the course you'll get for the first time the opportunity to work in the diving industry in any place in the world.

As a Dive Master, you can lead certificated divers to guided dives, help with training courses and various diving activities. In addition, the Dive Master Course is designed for divers who want to significantly improve their knowledge and skills, both in theory and in practice.

In the Dive Master course, you will be asked to bring your 100 % and take the course very seriously. The transition from a starting diver to a professional must be real and clear. This is a course without alleviations and with high standards. The Dive Master course is both interesting and challenging and you will be surprised to discover how much more can be learned and developed. The Dive Master Course increases your personal performance and self-confidence, and it will certainly make your friends want to dive with you and feel protected by you. The Dive Master course is a necessary and important step on the way of becoming a scuba dive instructor.

The Dive Master course will give you an entry ticket to all the diving centers in the world! After the course you will be professional divers who can make a living from one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, you can reach the most remote places in the world - as long as there is a reef, there is a dive! So why don't you take their future customers for a dive?

Dive Master Course structure and duration: The Dive Master Course spreads over 10 full and intensive days, with the core topics of the course being knowledge development for a higher and professional level, risk and control management of leading a group, dive planning, briefings and debriefing, demonstration of exercises at the highest level and more.

The topics covered in the knowledge development part in the course are wide and interesting. The subjects include diving physics, diving physiology, decompression and diving tables, diving equipment, marine environment, managing, and planning confined and open water dives, solving problems in confined and open water dives, the role of the dive master and more. 

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

The topics covered in the water part of the course are leading simulations, Identification, solution and prevention of problems above the water while descending, staying in depth, and ascending. Controlling a group, swimming technics, descending and ascending methods, practice exercises for demonstration level, help in a course, working with accessories such as buoys, compasses, and floating parachutes, rescue drills and more.

Dive Master Course requirements: The participants are required to perform at least 5 dive briefings and debriefings, to demonstrate preparation, planning, and control of guided dives management and to lead a minimum of 4 divers to various sites with various environmental conditions, swimming tests, full rescue practice, meet all the water requirements, demonstrate the problems solving abilities inside and outside the water, demonstrate mature and reasonable judgment regarding dives planning and perform those dives, and complete the theoretical test.

Prerequisites for admission to the Dive Master Course:
~ Advanced Adventure diver certificate, Rescue Diver + First aid certificate, Deep specialty certificate, Navigation specialty and proven experience in night diving, a minimum of 72 dives (in the course itself the participants will perform about 25 dives that are registered and considered).
~ Minimum Age of 18
~ A healthy state of health (a health statement must be signed before arriving in course).
~ Confirmation of a diving doctor

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