Rescue diver and first aid provider course

Rescue diver and first aid provider course

Rescue diver and first aid provider course

The Rescue Diver course is a new beginning - from a new and unaware diver to a professional diver with knowledge and tools to help in possible emergencies.

A Rescue diver and a first aid provider is, in the opinion of professionals, the minimum level each diver wants to reach. In the rescue diver course, the diver will learn self-rescue and how to help a diver in distress, in order to prevent or be prepared for any future emergency. The best rescuers, most likely, will not do a single rescue in their entire career, because scuba diving is not "mysterious" and even pretty simple, it is very easy to prevent and plan the dives so that there will be no accidents. This is how a professional rescue diver do his job!

The Rescue Diver course is the most important course - promising great pleasure and no worries above and below the water!

The purpose of a Rescue Diver course is to bring the diver to the ability to respond effectively and correctly in emergency situations. This is a very interesting course in which, while improving the ability to respond during emergencies, the diver will also improve his own diving abilities and level of diving. The Rescue Diver course is designed to provide information and tools to help the diver learn self-rescue skills and rescue other divers in emergency situations. A big and important part of the course is the learning of how to prevent dangerous scenarios and the ability to apply proper judgment, thereby stop the event before it happens.

A Rescue Diver course will bring you into extreme situations and will expand your abilities and awareness towards yourself and the environment.

Upon completion of the Rescue Diver course, the diver is responsible, not only for himself and for his partner, but for every diver in an emergency situation who is in the water. This responsibility is the difference between an average diver and a rescue diver. Due to the accompanying responsibility and knowledge required to operate scenarios that may occur above and below water, this course provides great self-confidence, as well as high-level diving skills and abilities. In the course of development, from diving as a hobby toward being a professional diver, the Rescue Diver course is a necessary and vital stage on the way to the Divemaster course, and from there to the instructor's course.

The Rescue Diver course includes theoretical lessons on the following topics:

The causes of diving accidents:
The physical and mental condition of the diver, equipment, sea conditions, stressful situations, injuries, emergency situations - out of air diver, separation and loss of partner procedures, decompression and more.

Physiology of diving accidents:
squeeze and barotrauma, lung injury, hypothermia, dehydration and heat stroke, managing a00n accident site, providing first aid and providing oxygen.
In the practical lessons, the students will practice self-rescue, helping divers in emergency situations and distress on the water, helping a panic diver underwater, rescue drills to the unconscious diver and search while navigating and scanning.

After the students successfully pass a practical rescue test and a theory test, they will be certified as SDI rescuers.


Course structure:
~ 3 Theory classes (including first aid and providing oxygen) and a final test.
~ 5 Open water dives.

 Course duration:
~ 3 Days.

~ Minimum age of 15.
~ Advanced Adventure certificate.
~ A healthy state of health (a health statement must be fulfilled before arriving at the course).

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