Nitrox specialty

Nitrox Specialty

Nitrox specialty

Not many years ago, Nitrox Specialty was considered something that is hard to achieve and was used mostly by military divers and science researches. Since the establishing of TDI, this approach changed drastically and today Nitrox diving is being popular and is moving forward to replace its low oxygen brother - the normal air.

Nitrox is an oxygen rich air that helps postponing the decompression limits and evaluate bottom time and depth. During the Nitrox course we will learn about the advantages and also dangers of diving with nitrox and how to plan our dives accordingly.

We will also learn about the required gear, how to plan dives using tables and computers according to the changing air mixture.

Nitrox Specialty is a tool that can make your dives more enjoyable, same as diving with other equipment and learning new skills or specialties. Once you start diving with nitrox specialty certificate you will understand how important and helpful this tool is and how it will add possibilities for planning and performing the dives. In order to truly understand the principles of Nitrox diving and the outcomes of safety and efficacy of diving wit Nitrox, the diver must understand several principals related to the physics and physiology of diving. Luckily, these principles are easy to learn so every diver can understand them.  You may already be exposed to these principles in one way or another in other diving activities, but in the Nitrox specialty course we will learn how to take this knowledge and make it a solid and safe foundation to understand and plan enjoyable and safe Nitrox dives.

In the beginning of your path as a nitrox diver you will see how this is an important and relevant knowledge for every diver! In this course you will find answers to all your questions that deal with decompression sickness, CO poisoning, raptures of the deep, oxygen poisoning, CO2 poisoning, partial pressures and more.

Nitrox specialty course layout includes:
~ One theory lesson.

Course duration:
~ 2 hours.

~ Open Water Diver certificate.
~ Minimum age of 12
~ A healthy state of health ( a health statement must be fulfill before arriving to the course).

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