Marine Ecosystems Awareness Specialty

Marine Ecosystems Awareness Specialty

Marine Ecosystems Awareness Specialty

In the Marine Ecosystems Awareness Specialty course, we will expand our horizons regarding the marine environment. We will learn about the effects of man on the marine environment and what role the diver can play to protect marine resources.
Understanding and opinions The underwater ecosystem is very important! In addition to the importance of knowledge, the course is very interesting and is taught by Naama Kochman, a marine biologist and diving instructor, who is interested in all levels of divers, especially those who are underwater and interested in the underwater life. Diversity - full of passion and admiration for life and the underwater environment.
What the course will include?

Theory lessons on:
Oceanography - currents, salinity, ebb, and flow, how the Gulf of Ilz, the El Nino phenomenon, temperate water, poles, freshwater and more.
Coral reefs and marine animal species - tropical coral reefs, coral, coral structure, cooperative algae, reef and reef species, coral bleaching, ocean acidification, marine food chain, and marine organisms.
Human influences on the environment - overfishing, pollution, plastic islands, destruction of habitats, hazardous chemicals and more.

Open water dives:
Two practical dives that will include research, fish identification and waste collection. The dives will be held at sunrise and at noon. It will be possible to conduct another night dive.

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

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