Assistant Instructor Course

Assistant Instructor Course

Assistant Instructor Course

This is the last stop in your career development before you become a full-fledged diving instructor!

Assistant instructor course will prepare you for a real diving instruction by joining various activities that take place in "Tzlilut" dive center such as diving in confined water, open water and also watching theory classes studied.

The participant will undergo classes on various subjects such as products and procedures, warranties and insurance, planning a course and acquiring knowledge in the preparation and transmission of theory lessons.

Although the Assistant Instructor cannot yet certificate divers but can help with courses and train specific specialties and teach theory lessons under the direct supervision of a qualified diving instructor.

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

Certified Assistant instructor will be able to perform:
~ Teaching and training students in a freediving course.
~ Refresh dives and refresher courses.
~ Observe and check theory tests for students in open water courses under the supervision of a diving instructor.
~ Assist an active instructor during diving courses.
~ Observe and guide certified divers.
~ Doing introduction dives for non-certified divers.

~ In addition, a certified assistant instructor will be able to instruct the following specialties: high altitude diving,     boat diving, computer diving, ecological reef awareness, photography, equipment maintenance, and first aid.

~ Note: In order for the assistant Instructor to be able to instruct the topics from above, he/she must undergo appropriate qualification by an instructor's instructor.

 Requiring skills and obligation for completing the course:
~ Assist in all required courses.
~ Demonstrate proper judgment and reasonable decisions in everything related to diving planning and performance.
~ Perform one presentation in each of the courses under the direct supervision of an active dive instructor.
~ Demonstrate Emergency ascending.
~ 400 meters Swimming test non-stop without equipment in less than 10 minutes.800 meters swimming test ~ ~ non-stop with mask, snorkel, and fins without using the hands in less than 17 minutes.
~ At least 72 logged dives in the log book.
~ Demonstrate rescuing an unconscious diver from a depth less than 6 meters to the surface, towing for 100  meters without help in less than 4 minutes

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