Combined OW+AA Diving Course

All You Need To Know About 1+2-Starts Diving Course

Combined OW+AA Diving Course

The Open Water + Advanced Adventure Course takes place every week, during the first five days we will learn to dive in the Open Water program, and in the next two days we will move on to the Advanced Adventure when the course begins on Thursday night with a night dive and we will continue three more dives on Friday and two on Saturday, And then you will be done the Open Water + Advanced Adventure course with a big smile and a new melody in the heart ..

Today mankind knows more about the moon than on the ocean bottom, and so far, only 5% of the seabed has been mapped. A whole world that promises abundant nature, adventure, mystery, treasure, and peace. Although the sea is not our natural place, the first heartbeats we did while being wrapped in water in the womb, which brings deep emotional connection to the sea and water, and now add all the elements we have already mentioned and found you a world that is all good... Welcome to the Open Water + Advanced Adventure course, Enjoy and good luck!

Did you know that more than 70% of the earth is covered with water? There are those who call our planet the "blue star" because when you look at it from space, you see it as blue - the water world.

Open Water course is spread over five days during which the students will gradually move through three stages: diving theory, diving in protected waters and diving in open water. At the end of the course, after fulfilling all the necessary conditions, the student will receive an international diving license to a depth of up to 18 meters.

It is important to understand that an Open Water + Advanced Adventure course requires educational access and an open mind in order to cope with the new environment. Taking the sea for granted will make things difficult and frustrating, if we give it to them and learn how to deal with it, it will give you twice as much. Open Water course is done once - it is important to learn to dive in the right, safest and most professional way.

During the Open Water course, the students will learn the diving theory using a variety of tools: books, presentations, and lessons. The topics to be discussed will discuss the theory of diving, which will help the student acquire a full and comprehensive understanding of the correct and safe diving principles. Topics include safety rules, physics, and physiology of diving, how to deal with hazards, the uniqueness of the underwater environment, diving planning, preservation of natural values and more.

In the practical section, we will learn how to assemble and test the diving equipment. We will perform two dives every day, and in the first two days, the lessons will be transferred to the Confined water dives in protected environment. Here - at a good hour - "Moisten your feet". This part of the Open Water course will give the students the basic abilities of the dive by getting used to the sea and its variables, diving exercises and solving common problems underwater, and of course we will start to enjoy the water world.

The next stage is open water dives: At this stage we will apply the skills that were practiced in the protected water classes in the open sea in the coral reserve in Eilat, and gradually and safely we will gradually deepen every day until on the fifth day we reach a depth of 18 meters with a big smile and an open- Of SDI.

The Advanced Adventure course is designed to make the diver more professional by exposing him to what we like to call "Adventure Dives". After you learn how to dive in the Open Water course, you will learn about different diving styles in the Advanced Adventure course, because diving does not end with depth, It is time to recognize that there is so much to explore and learn.

Have you ever imagined what it is like to dive at night? See the creatures that go out at night, the corals open their tentacles in a variety of colors or perhaps the quiet of the night .. Shipwreck! Not in the story or in the film, but really! Seeing a shipwreck underwater is a transcendent and historic moment, every ship or plane and its own unique story. Being 30 feet underwater, does that make sense at all? It is incomprehensible. You have the right to see life 30 feet below water! These moments of silence, nature, and mystery .. Pleasure! Of course, there is more you will discover for yourselves!

In this dives, the Advanced Adventure course will expand the knowledge on the subjects learned in the Open Water course and will also present topics that will be new to the participants. It is important to note that an Advanced Adventure diver may dive to a depth of 30 meters (up to age 15 limit to 21 meters).

The Advanced Adventure course consists of six theme dives, each dive being the first dive from a variety of specialties.

The mandatory dives that form the core of the Advanced Adventure course are:

Navigation - In this dive, we will learn how to safely navigate to the dive site and back using natural navigation and precise compass navigation. Navigation is one of the most important tools for a diver. Because the water contains a lot of macroscopic bodies, we can not see as far as on the water. With the basic navigational tools you get in the Advanced Adventure course you can get an idea of the nature of the site and how to navigate it with natural objects. Such as topography, rocks, artificial objects, corals and more. Most of us know how to use a compass, but underwater it is the safest means of navigation. By reading the compass correctly and using proper underwater controls, the compass will increase your enjoyment and safety under water.

Deep dive - This dive in the Advanced Adventure course will teach you how to plan, taking into account all the variables that apply to our 30-meter dive. Diving is a fun hobby but it has dangers. The deeper we go, the more we move away from our natural, dry land. In deep dive, you will consider all the risk factors and know how to deal with them so that your deep dive will not only be safe but also enjoyable and relaxing. Being "deep" is always important.

A life-supporting dive - In which we will perform exercises that summarize Advanced Adventure course. This is a mandatory dive of the Israel Diving Authority. In addition to the last exercises, you will do within the framework of a course (at least until you come to do specialties courses), this is an exciting and complex dive. After the exercises we dive in shallow depth and enjoyed the last time as a group in the course, the beauty of the reef, the quiet of the water and the feeling of power and new melody in the heart - I know and love to dive !!!

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

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