Refreshing dive

Refreshing dive

Refreshing dive
It's not punishment, it's freedom!

A refresh dive is a dive like all other dives during your vacation and you should enjoy it. The only difference in your guide's refresh dive is to expand the briefing on the correct rules of safety and behavior on the dive, and answer all your questions until you feel safe and ready. During the dive, you will be asked to perform a few simple exercises that will contribute to the feeling of ease and security under water. This dive is for you so that you can continue to dive safely, and for us in order to be able to accommodate you the safest and most enjoyable diving vacation that suits you.

A refreshment dive is required for those who have not sunk in the past six months or for those who have no proof of diving during the past six months (do not forget yours log-book at home :). And of course, anyone who wants and feels that he needs this dive to work on these and other skills. We will be happy to encourage you to be the most confident and aware divers!

And yes .. A refresh dive is not a punishment - it's freedom !!!

Refresh day

The day of refreshment is for divers who have not dipped for more than five years and for those who desire on this day of study. The purpose of the refresher day is to train you back as independent divers after a long time with no dives.
The day of refreshment consists of one theoretical lesson and two dives. In the theory class, we will touch the physics and physiology of diving and problems that may happen to us during the dive. Then we will move on to the wet part and in the next two dives, we will bring you the calm and skills to dive in a clear and conscious mind to make a safe and enjoyable dive.

This is an excellent day to bring back your passion for the sea and diving in particular !!!
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