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Introduction dive


Have you ever wondered how it's like to be underwater?
Have you ever dreamed about being a fish in the big blue ocean?
Have you ever listened to the silence of the sea?

We welcome you to do an introductory dive in the red sea - Eilat, to feel and see the sea creatures and the marine life of the Red Sea, with a beautiful range of fish and a colorful coral reef. With our experience, we can guaranty that you will finish the dive with a big smile on your face and with a new exciting and refreshing hobby to explore.

Introductory dive suits everyone! From a once in a lifetime experience to a preparation for a dive course. Every diver is paired with his own private instructor, it is possible and even recommended to do a group introduction dive, so that everyone will dive with a guide of his own and together we will dive as a group.

Introductory dive is interesting, fun and very easy to perform!

We offer two kinds of dives:

Full introductory dive: a 45 minutes dive, with a personal instructor and a maximum depth of 6 meters.

Short introductory dive: a 30 minutes dive, with a personal instructor and a maximum depth of 6 meters.

In order to enhance the diving experience, it is highly recommended that you take our underwater photographer with you for professional underwater photography, so you will have a lifetime memory of the first time you dived. You will get pictures and videos of you diving in our beautiful coral reef with all the colorful fish that create the perfect background for your souvenir pictures.  

Our team will suit you with diving equipment according to your measurements, then you will have a short brief about the dive, in which the instructor will explain you the basics of diving, underwater communication and how to perform few simple steps that will help you enjoy the dive more. After the brief we will enter shallow water for practice and then continue to dive to a depth of up to 6 meters, while of course, you are the ones controlling the depth- The way we see it, in order to have the best dive possible, you're free to stop at any depth you feel comfortable, to get the dive that suits you exactly.

An experience that is out of this world!

It is possible to perform an introduction dive from the age of 8 and above and after you have completed a health declaration.

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