Diving safari in Aqaba – Jordan

Diving Safari in Aqaba - Jordan

Diving safari in Aqaba – Jordan

Visiting and diving in the Kingdom of Jordan is pure pleasure. Scuba diving in Aqaba, in the beautiful and well-known views of the Gulf of Eilat, dramatically increases the number of diving sites in the northern Gulf and is of interest. The city of Aqaba has 22 kilometers of beaches, some of which are built and touristy and some of which have been preserved as natural beaches. Along the beaches, there are dozens of dive sites where beautiful colorful reefs and fish are similar to those we know from Eilat.

In addition, there are artificial diving sites such as the tank site or the wreckage of the ship Cedar Pride, which has been especially drowned for divers. In addition, the city of Aqaba itself and the Kingdom of Jordan offer a wide range of travel options, vacation and attractions sites that make every dive vacation a wonderful family experience.

The trip is simple and easy to perform. The city has a lot of tourism options, hotels, shops, and restaurants of a good standard. The Jordanians are welcoming and famous in hospitality.

The atmosphere in the city of Aqaba is pleasant and authentic, the restaurants serve Oriental cuisine and of course, you will enjoy the steaming sweet tea and baklava for dessert. Aqaba is the base for day trips or afternoons to the spectacular desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, and of course, it is impossible to visit Jordan without a daily tour of the rock-cut city of Petra that was recently declared one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The weather in Aqaba is quite similar to that of Eilat and allows easy diving activity throughout the year. The water temperature is colder in the winter but a good diving suit is definitely enough. The summer and winter season are significantly different. The summer is very hot and requires a lot of drinking and a limited stay in the sun. The winter months require maintaining your body temperature, equipping yourself with a full suit, warm clothing, and a hot drink after the dive. However, diving during the winter season is characterized by very clear water, wonderful visibility and a smaller number of divers in the clubs and at the dive sites.

Due to dramatic differences in heights, floods occur in streams that flow into the sea after the winter rains, and these affect the visibility for several days, but the amount of rain days is very small and can be known in advance.

Guests can sleep in one of Aqaba's hotels at any level to choose from, from boutique hotels in Aqaba city center to luxurious 5-star deluxe resorts. Bedouin hospitality, outdoor nights, jeep tours and a variety of activities are at your request.

"Tzlilut" diving center works in full cooperation with the largest and most reliable diving safaris company in Israel – "Wild Dive", With over 30 years' of experience in safaris to destinations all over the world.

When the operation of "Wild Dive" bonds with our professionalism, service, and vibe, you will get the best diving vacation possible!

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