Diving Safari in Sinai

Diving Safari in Sinai

Diving Safari in Sinai

Dahab and the Sinai Center

The Bedouin village of Dahab and the resorts around it are located about 160 kilometers south of the Taba border crossing, on the Wadi Dahab estuary that drains the powerful wadis of Za'ara, Naqab, and Hasbay. The sediments that were driven down the wadis created a beautiful lagoon that serves as a safe place for swimming, swimming, and surfing

Beautiful diving sites are located northwards for about 10 km to the towering cliffs over the sea. The sites are characterized by massive coral walls and as you move southward towards the Bedouin village 'Asala' and the lagoon you'll see more of a rich reef, with sandy slopes full of corals, cracks, and caves that are used as hides for the reef's inhabitants. This great variety enables spectacular deep dives in the mornings and pleasant and long afternoon reef dives.
Good tourist services, hotel accommodation close to the beach, restaurants, camel riding, and picturesque bazaars complement the picture for a varied and enjoyable diving vacation.

Sharm El Sheikh and South Sinai

The resort town of Sharm El Sheikh and Naama Bay are the logistics and tourist center of one of the most beautiful and famous diving areas in the world.

Diving areas include extensive sea area which stretches from the island of Tiran in the east, Ras Muhammad and westward to the Gulf of Suez, the kingdom of drowned ships. Diving cruises based in Sharm El Sheikh sail to the world's most colorful and beautiful sites thanks to the clear water, rich reefs, walls, and streams.

As we sail westward, the sea becomes shallow and full of reefs that are located at the entrance to the Gulf of Suez and are often being trapped for many ships on their way to the Mediterranean through the canal. The western region is full of spectacular wreck ships, some merchant ships and some warships, remnants of the World War. This is one of the diving areas that offer the most diverse sites and verity of environments for an unforgettable diving vacation.

The Red Sea and its northern flanks are relatively far from the equator line and therefore there is a great temperature difference between summer and winter. While the months of July and August are very hot and require drinking plenty of water, head covering and avoid exposure to the sun, the months of January to March are cold and can be less pleasant when exiting the water after a dive.

The water temperature does not change dramatically and revolves around 25 degrees throughout the year. The most recommended period for the trip is between April and December.

Cruise diving (all include) is the best way to experience the best destinations. The ship sails from site to site so you can dive in the best hours to watch the marine life, early in the mornings and in the late afternoon. Cruise divers generally enjoy a small number of divers on dive sites, comfortable and air-conditioned cabins, delicious food, great sunsets, and a particularly experiential vacation.

"Tzlilut" diving center works in full cooperation with the largest and most reliable diving safaris company in Israel – "Wild Dive", With over 30 years' of experience in safaris to destinations all over the world.

When the operation of "Wild Dive" bonds with our professionalism, service, and vibe, you will get the best diving vacation!

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