Dreaming of a diving vacation in a magical destination?

The Maldives!

Dreaming of a diving vacation in a magical destination?

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean south of the island of Sri Lanka. the Maldives is one of the most attractive resorts and diving places in the world. The Maldives chain consists of 26 atolls with 1,192 islands extending along a 750-kilometer plateau. Most of the country's territory is north of the Equator and some of it is south of it. This location provides stable and pleasant weather throughout the year without dramatic differences between the seasons.

The islands and the Atolls are in fact a huge habitat and hide for thousands of species of local animals and an important transit station for the open sea creatures roaming in the ocean. The Maldives has the largest population of manta rays in the world. In this sea state, which has a maximum height of about 2 meters, there is no influence of continent, streams or flowing rivers and temperature differentials, so the marine biological system is conducted naturally and almost without external interference.

The Maldives present a spectacular show of tropical and mostly local wildlife. Colorful fish bands, sea bats, reef sharks, and spectacular coral reefs are observed throughout the year.

The food chain in Maldives is perfect. The ocean currents raise amounts of plankton from the bottom that feed the tiny animals as well as the local population of manta rays and whale sharks that are frequently viewed regardless of seasonality.

Dive Cruises - The best and most professional way to reach the best diving and snorkeling sites. The comfortable and luxurious diving boat sails from one magnificent site to another.
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Diving safaris in the Maldives are the most lucrative and best destination!

"Tzlilut" diving center works in full cooperation with the largest and most reliable diving safaris company in Israel – "Wild Dive", With over 30 years' of experience in safaris to destinations all over the world.

When the operation of "Wild Dive" bonds with our professionalism, service, and vibe, you will get the best diving vacation possible!

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