Master Diver Course

Master Diver Course

Master Diver Course

Master Diver is the highest and most valuable level among sportive divers who haven’t yet turned diving into a profession. Becoming a Master Diver will solve the diver from refresher dives and will bring the diver to a very high diving level with new and relevant skills. Being a Master Diver means a diver have accomplished 4 specialties and a Rescue course with additional training in First aid and Oxygen providing. The specialties included in this title are Deep specialty and Navigation specialty as the mandatory specialties and two more selectable specialties, additionally of at least 52 logged dives.

A diver of this level certainly knows how to plan and perform safe dives in different environments and conditions due to the training, skills, and knowledge that the diver has accumulated. As a Master Diver, you'll be able to go deeper, down to 40 meters! As well as penetrating to shipwrecks, achieve perfect buoyancy, navigate your way to a site and more skills that will ensure a significant improvement in your air consumption and you're self-confident in the water. Every diver will be happy to dive with a diver who holds a Master Diver Certificate! In addition, a Master Diver level is a prerequisite for the prestigious Dive Master course! And for the beginning of an amazing career in diving.

The duration of the Master Diver course varies, depending on the specialties you choose to do, some of the specialties will take three days and some will be done in one day.

Mandatory specialties:

 Deep Specialty -
A 3 days' course in which we will perform a total of 4 dives and one theory lesson:
1 confined water dive in shallow depth in order to practice working with stages (extra tank), marking ropes, air consumption calculation, buoyancy, swimming with a black mask and more.
3 more open water dives, one per day, to depths of 30 m, 35 m, and 40 m. 

Navigation specialty -
A 2 days' course including 4 dives and one theory lesson: 1 confined water dive in shallow depth in order to learn how to work with a compass, calculate swimming time and fins kicks and In the first open water dive out of 3, we will learn how to map a dive site by taking in consideration the depth, topography, and DOT (direction of travel) of the site. The second open water dive will deal with natural navigating, and the last dive will practice compass navigating.

Rescue course, First aid and 100% Oxygen providing-
Many think this is the most important course of them all! A 3 days' course, with half a day devoted to resuscitation, first aid and oxygen providing, and two and a half days of rescue training. Course layout: self-rescue, helping a diver in panic underwater and above, unconscious dives, towing methods, scanning and searching methods, underwater work with partners, managing a diving accident arena and more.

 In addition, there are few optional specialties to choose from- buoyancy, search and recovery, marine environment, computers, night, photography and more.

Dive planning must include surface breaks, non-decompression time, etc. The dives need to be recorded in the logbook.

The Master Diver course is designed for divers who want to develop their techniques and to gain some tools to become better, safer and more aware divers. The course suits everyone! From the newest divers to those who dream of becoming diving instructors! Good luck!

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