Shipwrecks specialty

Shipwrecks specialty

Shipwrecks specialty

Shipwrecks were always exciting and fascinating destinations among divers. Almost every diving destination in the world has ships, planes, submarine and more that can be explored underwater and to see the change that the sea has brought on this objects is always overwhelming.

Every dive in shipwrecks has its own uniqueness, it goes from the story behind it to its treasures, art, weapons and the sea creatures that have found their new home, and those are just a few of the reasons why we like to dive in shipwrecks.

But despite all this, incursion into a shipwreck puts us in sensitive areas requiring concentration and safety!

A shipwrecks specialty will give you the knowledge of how to plan and approach a dive to a sunken ship and to a place where you can't ascent directly to the surface. During a shipwrecks specialty, we will learn how to map and mark a sunken ship and how to reach the bottom of the ship. A shipwreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of diving, but it has to be done in the safest way. in the shipwrecks specialty course, we will discuss and use the equipment and techniques relevant to diving in shipwrecks. During the course, we will perform a partial penetration within the range of light of the entrance point area.

Tzlilut dive team is a highly experienced crew with extensive experience in diving to shipwrecks and in-depth investigation of shipwrecks and caves. We will be happy to enrich you with the knowledge we have accumulated throughout the world and in Israel!

Shipwrecks specialty course should be done only with Tzlilut!

Shipwrecks specialty course layout, theoretical topics: navigation, mapping, assisting gear and descending ropes on the surface, partner methods, loss of direction, special equipment, limited visibility, use of flashlights, ropes and pulleys, special emergency procedures and more.

Practical topics:

Shipwrecks specialty course dive no. 1:  dive planning, flashlights testing, introducing to the site, use of ropes outside the ship, exit and dive documentation in the logbook.

Shipwrecks specialty course dive no. 2: Dive Planning, flashlights, and computers testing, mapping and Ship Safety Points checking, exit and documentation in the Logbook.

Shipwrecks specialty course dive no. 3: penetration techniques outside the ship, placing pulley and tying in sections, placing marks on the rope, practicing black mask swimming, exit, and documentation in the logbook.

Shipwrecks specialty course dive no. 4: diving to a shipwreck - Partial penetration, exit, and documentation in the logbook.

~ Open Water certificate and age 15 and above.
~ Junior Open Water Certificate holders cannot participate in deep penetration or dive activities under 20 meters.
~ Divers must hold a depth specialty certificate or provide proof of experience in deep dives under 20 meters.
~ A healthy state of health (a health statement must be fulfilled before arriving to the course).

Shipwrecks specialty course includes:
~ One theory lesson.
~ 4 open water dives.

 Duration of Shipwrecks specialty course:
~ Two days.

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