Underwater marriage proposal

Underwater marriage proposal

Underwater marriage proposal

An exciting and original underwater marriage proposal accompanied by a personal diving instructor.

Here at Tzlilut, we take the marriage proposal event very seriously and therefore devote all the time and assistance we have at our disposal so that you can enhance the experience – from a professional underwater photography to preserve the memory of the exciting moment to a romantic meal in the chef's restaurant to celebrate after the proposal.

And the sign, of course, is on us.

So how does It Work?
The dive will be in the form of an ordinary 45 minutes introduction dive, each one will have a personal instructor. After wearing the diving suits we will sit for a short brief in which we will touch the safety instructions, some of the basics rules of diving and underwater communications signs.

After the brief we will go to the water to start the dive. Towards the end of the dive, the couple will separate for a few moments to give the husband to be time to prepare the sign, then the princess will arrive and see her man kneeling with a shiny ring in his hand! And in this magical moment, in the most special environment there is, you will experience one of the most significant moments in your life.

Underwater romance at its best!

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