Diving Sites - Eilat

Diving Sites - Eilat



This diving site was got his name from the instructors at tzlilut. the site is the southern part of Neptune tables and 30 meters deep. This site is actually a total of three different deep reefs. The first reef is used in the early morning as a cleaning station for tuna fish, barracudas, rays and other open sea fish. the second reef is called the "restaurant", which includes six table coral that are decades of years old. The third reef is an underground cliff known as the "pride rock", from which you can have an amazing view over a coral platu that is located at a depth of 35-40 meters. The way back is passing through the Neptune tables as we ascend back to the beach.

Depth: 30 Meters
Location: Opposite Tzlilut dive house.
Recommendations: Nitrox, good air consumption (the site is recommended for experienced divers).
Special guidelines: Decompression bottom time and air intake, depth intoxication, nitrogen narcosis, bottom can be more than 30 meters in tide times, distance from the slope and ascending in blue water.

The Yatush (mosquito) ship wreck

In front of Aqua Sport beach there is an old Navy patrol boat called the "Netz" but the name associated with this site the most is the "mosquito". Its a Deep dive site, located in the northernmost part of the coral reserve. It is common to find a large grouper, trigons, banner fish, lion fish and of course all the reef fish are joining the party.

Depth: 30 Meters
Location: In front of Aqua Sport beach there is a swimming area surrounded by buoys, the entrance to the water is from the northern part of the buoys.
Recommendations: Nitrox, ascending while swimming south will give you the option to enjoy diving in the coral reserve and Tamar reef.
Special guidelines: Decompression time and air intake, nitrogen narcosis, do not penetrate the boat without proper certification, surfboards on the water surface, bottom is deeper than 30 meters

the Neptune Tables

This dive site has been named because the structure of the corals, called brush corals, that are located at the bottom, looks like tables. The area is far from pollution sources and therefore the sand is clean and the visibility is good all year round. In addition to spectacular brush corals, you will be able to see the richest deep reef in Eilat, home to rare sea creatures such as sea horses, a Spanish dancer sea slug, dragon fish, locus habitats, feather tail stingray and many others.

Depth: 25 Meters
Location: opposite Tzlilut dive house, entrance at the Princess's southern bridge.
Recommendations: Nitrox, Sunrise dives.
Special guidelines: Decompression time and air intake, distance from the slope (sometimes ascending in blue water).


The Paradise is characterized by a rich and colorful coral reef and coral wall. This is a dive that attracts divers with a passion for underwater topography and corals. The Paradise is located east of the "Sattil" - a beautiful missile boat, which allows you to finish the dive with an ascending around the boat.

Depth: 30 Meters
Location: The site is located opposite the Marina Divers dive house, north-east of the missile boat.
Recommendations: Nitrox and compass
Special guidelines: Decompression time and air intake, nitrogen narcosis, distance from the shore, ascending in blue water.

The Satil ship wreck

In 1994, it was decided to sink the "Storm" missile ship, which for 25 years was the spearhead of the Israeli navy but over time became irrelevant. The INS Storm is one of the five missile ships that were smuggled to Israel from France at the end of 1960 in one of the most famous IDF operations - operation "Cherbourg". The dive site in which the missile ship was sunk became very popular and two memorials were located there in memory of a diving instructor who was killed in a terrorist attack at the Park Hotel in Netanya and the memory of a commando fighter who killed in the Navy tragedy. The size of the ship is about 40 meters long. The main point of interest is the bridge, which today is covered by plenty of soft corals and a variety of fish. Among them you can find the lionfish, frogfish, crocodile fish, scorpionfish, a giant locus that found himself a home there and many more. ( 20-meter at the deck and 13 meters at the point of the bridge.)

Depth: 24 Meters
Location: The site is in front of the Marina Divers dive house. The site is about 100 meters south of Village Beach.
Recommendations: Take your time on the bridge to look for the frogfish and other rare fish.
Special guidelines: Decompression time and air consumption, multiple divers, no ship penetration without proper certification, rusty railing, diving back in blue water, lots of points of interest - be careful to keep a proper dive profile and don’t jump from point to point.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Moshe and Joshua rocks

This coral reef is spreading over a mile and a half and is rich in corals layers, boulders covered with corals, lanes and shallow bays where tiny fish hide. It is important to keep the distance from coral to prevent their breakage, and do not feed the reserve animals. You can also find in the reserve two big boulders that are famous for being a large center of corals and fish - the "Moses" boulder and the "Joshua" boulder.

Depth: 30 Meters
Location: The Beginning of the reserve begins at Ben-Harosh Beach to the Lighthouse Beach.
Recommendations: Swim slowly so that you will not run out of energy, there is a lot to see in this big site.
Special guidelines: ships that passes on the surface, decompression time and air intake, nitrogen narcosis, multiple divers and sensitive coral condition

The Japanese Garden

This is the largest and most well-kept dive site in Eilat, and it is about 500 meters long. It is highly recommended to dive in the site from morning until noon because then the visibility is optimal and you can look well at the water animals that swim in the site.

Depth: 30 Meters
Location: opposite the coral reserve about 200 meters north of the underwater observatory.
Recommendations: Nitrox, the most beautiful point of interest is the lush wall of the site because it is loaded with coral arranged in a manner reminiscent of Japanese gardens- and this is how it got its name.
Special guidelines: This is a special area that allows you to dive only with an instructor and most of the times arriving by boats because swimming to the site is very far and not recommended. decompression time and air intake, nitrogen narcosis, wall goes down to 45 meters (keep your depth and balance).

Taba North slopes

The site is famous for the many pieces of garbage (tires, kayak, concrete pieces) that spreads all over the site, and you can see how the nature took over them and transformed them into a wonderful coral reef. In addition, the land cover in the southern area of the coral reserve is very diverse and includes sand, marine grass and coral rocks - creating an unusual and special diving site. This is a relatively untouched site with little movement of divers, sea creatures like such conditions to eat quietly.

Depth: 20 Meters
Location: Entrance at the southern bridge of the Princess hotel.
Recommendations: Take the time from between the rocks to search for the small and rare things.
Special guidelines: A light and pleasant dive, avoid physical contact with objects

Taba slopes - our home site

A slope with a soil cover of sand, sea grass and corals. The highlight of the site is the "shark rock", a beautiful big rock covered with corals and a unique concentration of coral fish and lion fish that is located at a depth of 15 meters. The site is being used as the home site for dive courses, refreshment dives and introduction dives. Therefore, it’s a quiet and comfortable dive. It is relatively easy to find here some of the members of the stonefish family, like the devil fish, the Dragon fish and all covered clusters of blue fusiliers.

Depth: 15 Meters
Location: : In front of Tzlilut dive center and going north.
Recommendations: Rare fish - search well.
Special guidelines: boats crossing on the surface.

Taba slopes south

The most "quiet" dive site in Eilat, without traffic of boats and divers - make a good place for fish to come and party. A large part of the dive site is covered with seaweed and coral pinnacles. It’s the best to swim slow because it’s the most southern dive site in Eilat and he is not big, and also because a good looking for rare fish. Can be found Nudibranchs, few moray eels together, Stone fish, Lion fish, Frogfish, Dragon fish, Sea horses, ghost pipe fish and many more.

Depth: 20 Meters
Location: In front of Tzlilut dive center and going south.
Recommendations: : Because the bottom covered with seaweed, it's easy to find things, search well the bottom and swim slow.
Special guidelines: The border with Egypt are very close.

the University

The university located really close to the Interuniversity institute for marine sciences. Students and groups experimenting in the water, and this experimenting created coral reefs luxurious, that really worth visiting. In the south of the dive site there is point of inters - A old deco' chamber that breaks into parts and with the years many soft corals start to set on him. The sallow part of this dive site, is one of the most beautiful in Eilat.

Depth: 15 Meters
Location: In front the lighthouse beach.
Recommendations: Look to the blue for Eagle ray.
Special guidelines: Very easy and relax dive.

KATZA - Pipe line Eilat Ashkelon

In 2017 KATZV beach open for the first time to the public, for diving, and swimming. After this area was close for 50 years. KATZA is the most unique dive site in Eilat because of the pillars that going all the way to the surface. With the time and the undisturbed of the human kind on the reef, a colorful reef corals have been grow. Possible to find all the Red sea fishes and with some luck even some curious dolphins.

Depth: 18 Meters
Location: Beach KATZA north, close to the Dolphin reef.
Recommendations: Swim slow and be focus.
Special guidelines: There are rusty wires - careful to be cut, dolphins - dolphin is a strong mammal and an intelligent, before the dive, your instructor will brief about behavior with the dolphins.

The Caves

If you are a beginner, this dive site will fix to you. He is accessible and very easy, shallow (6 meters) and close to the shore. During your dive you will recognize two passages that one of them close with bars due to its narrow passage and the other one is open. The caves dive site is one of the most popular dive sites among divers and snorkelers. The reef is absolutely amazing with is beauty and provides home to all underwater creatures, you can find all the rare fish in the Red sea include stone fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, sting rays, crocodile fish, lion fish, octopuses and many more...

Depth: 6 Meters
Location: In front of
Recommendations: In the north part of the dive site, located one of the most beautiful rocks in Eilat.
Special guidelines: There is no enter to the cave without certificate, avoid the bottom.


This dive site are special because is enter and is exit in different places, we really going for a tour . The beginning of the dive, start in Veronica rock, a beautiful rock and colorful with a variety of different corals and fishes. The rest of the dive, you will dive south and you will pass long distance, a thing that will give you more chances to find rare fishes. It’s a dive to clean your mind after long day of diving.

Depth: 8 Meters
Location: Two enters south from the Caves.
Recommendations: Best with a southern current.
Special guidelines: A lot of fire corals, be careful and look were you put your hands.

Reef house

One of the best shallow dives in Eilat! The biggest garden eel, 200 meters is size. A long the reef there is big rocks covered with corals, mazes and small caves. Is a bit different than the rest of the dive sites. It’s a quit, peaceful and full of fish…

Depth: 6 Meters
Location: In front of a Tzlilut club.
Recommendations: When you swim back, it's better to swim throw the sandy area that close to the slop, and look for dragon fish and devil scorpion fish
Special guidelines: Where the bridges are located, you need to be careful from people that jumping to the water.

Shmora - Moses and Joshua rocks

Swimming 20 minutes south in depth of 10 meters next to a colorful reef of the "Shmora" and "Tamar reef", you will get to Moses rock that set in 8 meters and is size is 10 meters wide and going all the wat to surface. Is the biggest rock in Eilat, some will say he is the "Meca" of the dive sites of Eilat. During the swimming back north, keep your depth in 8 meters and after few minutes you will find Joshua rock, this rock split to two rocks with a very nice narrow pass, after that continue swim north west to the wall of the Shmora all the way to exit. Is a big and beautiful dive site.

Depth: 10 Meters
Location: Enter in Ben-Harosh bitch. Moses rock located in front of the south bridge of the Shmora and Joshua rock in front of the northern bridge of the Shmora.
Recommendations: 12-liter tank for long dive.
Special guidelines: The area of Moses and Joshua rocks boats are crossing by, stay low and close to the bottom.

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